Sat March 02 2024

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A fortnightly podcast in which veteran construction industry journalists Bishop and Taylor have a natter about some of the week’s events in the UK construction industry, seeking meaning even where none may exist.

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106 | Weights & measures, Dodgy ladders and Stonehenge (again) – plus the Net Zero shortcut

8th June 2022
The government is consulting on the restoration of imperial units for shopkeepers. Bishop & Taylor have their views. They also discuss telescopic ladders and the latest news on the A303 Stonehenge tunnel project. But first, tune in to learn the fastest way to net zero…

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105 | Teachers Wanted, HPC and the Competition Watchdog

25th May 2022
Bishop & Taylor are joined by bricklayer-turned-teacher Dean Carpenter, a supporter of the Further Education Teacher Recruitment campaign. That’s after they discuss the rising costs of Hinkley Point C and the surprisingly long reach of the Competition & Markets Authority.

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104 | Queen’s Speech, Vp For Sale and Crossrail Opens

11th May 2022
Bishop & Taylor reflect on this week’s state opening of parliament and the contents of the promised legislative programme, from planning to procurement. They also discuss the ‘For Sale’ sale that has been hung on the still-great company formally known as Vibroplant. And, five years after tunnelling completed, the Elizabeth line is finally opening for paying passengers. Hurrah!

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103 | Lower Thames Crossing, Asbestos and Arty Chimneys

27th April 2022
The battle to dig the UK’s longest road tunnel enters the ‘competitive dialogue’ stage;  MPs call for more action on asbestos removal; and Thames Tideway’s twisted chimneys turn ventilation shafts into public art.  Bishop & Taylor ruminate on it all in their usual manner.

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102 | School, Brickies and Rude Buildings

20th April 2022
The Chartered Institute of Building is pressing for the development of an A level in construction – Bishop & Taylor approve. They also discuss the new BBC Three series, Brickies, and have been sent a list of the world’s smuttiest looking buildings, including the new Al Janoub Stadium in Qatar.

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101 | Energy, Innovation and Fly-tipping

13th April 2022
Bishop & Taylor discuss the British Energy Security Strategy, talk innovation with Transforming Construction Challenge director Sam Stacey, and approve of a promised crackdown on fly-tipping. They also reveal themselves to be on Michael Gove’s side in his battle against construction product manufacturers.

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100 | Developers’ Pledge, Executive Teams and Safer Stairs

6th April 2022
Bishop & Taylor discuss latest developments in funding fire safety remediation, the composition of top contractors’ management teams and RoSPA’s Safer Stairs campaign. They also discuss Liebherr’s decision to stay in Russia despite economic sanctions.

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99 | The economy, earthmoving and biodiversity

30th March 2022
 Bishop & Taylor mull on the chancellor’s spring statement, the earthmoving industry and biodiversity net gain… along with a few of their usual detours, of course.

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98 | Gove, Mogg and Social Value

23rd March 2022
Bishop & Taylor discuss, among other things, comments recently attributed to Cabinet ministers Michael Gove and Jacob Rees-Mogg. They also explore social value with Andrew Lowe of Social Value Portal.

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97 | Budget, Neddies and Rod Stewart’s roadworks

16th March 2022
Bishop & Taylor look ahead to next week’s spring budget statement from Rishi Sunak but don’t expect any U-turns on red diesel. They also discuss non-executive directors (aka Neddies) and whether loyalty should be part of the job spec. But first they enjoy Sir Rod Stewart filling in potholes.