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A fortnightly podcast in which veteran construction industry journalists Bishop and Taylor have a natter about some of the week’s events in the UK construction industry, seeking meaning even where none may exist.

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116 | Inaction, Deflection and Delays

16th November 2022
Bishop & Taylor discuss a toddler’s death caused by uninhabitable social housing and the latest from that other great recent social housing scandal, Grenfell Tower. They also discuss why the Code for Construction Product Information has stalled and the temporary reprieve for CE marking in the UK.

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115 | Harper’s in-tray, Drive-through concrete and Cybersecurity

2nd November 2022
Bishop and Taylor discuss some of the challenges facing the new transport secretary, a new concept for self-service readymix, and Interserve’s £4.4m fine for data protection failings. The also discuss corporate uniforms, of which Taylor approves.

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114 | Staying on, Offsite goes offshore and Scottish electricians

19th October 2022
Just like the prime minister, Ray O’Rourke is not yet ready to leave his job. Both are on the agenda of Bishop & Taylor in this episode. They also discuss whether the future of offsite construction means offshoring to distant lands, the Lafarge scandal and whether electricians deserve protection.

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113 | The Growth Plan, HVO backlash and Beavers

5th October 2022
Bishop & Taylor discuss the government’s plans to reinvigorate the UK economy. They then move on to the backlash against hydrotreated vegetable oil as a diesel replacement. And finally, the beaver is back, with full legal protection.

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112 | ER, ET and Genericide

14th September 2022
On 8th September 2022, two days after asking Elizabeth Truss to form a new government, HM Queen Elizabeth II died. Bishop & Taylor discuss both the rules of mourning and their expectations of the new PM. Finally, having received a polite ticking-off from Portakabin, they also discuss brand protection.

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111 | The Top 100

31st August 2022
The episode in which Bishop & Taylor discuss The Construction Index’s latest annual analysis of the UK’s Top 100 construction companies.

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110 | Drought & floods, Changing Perceptions and A Cancelled Sale

17th August 2022
As drought turns to floods, Bishop & Taylor discuss reservoir plans and other rainwater strategies. They also consider the implications of a survey that appears to show young people warming towards careers in construction. And they welcome Vp’s refusal to accept unworthy offers.

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109 | Decarbonisation and Britain’s energy crisis

3rd August 2022
Tanned and refreshed after their summer break, Bishop & Taylor return to discuss all things energy related, including controlling bills, the cost of heat pumps, repowering wind turbines, importing Moroccan sun and Sizewell C’s prospects.

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108 | The Building Safety Act, Demolition Cartels and the Long Wait for Justice

6th July 2022
With the Building Safety Act 2022 now in force, Bishop & Taylor wonder how much of it was needed and why there aren’t more Rick Willmotts in the industry to speak out. They also discuss bid rigging in the demolition industry. Finally, with Genie being recently fined for an incident nine years ago, they wonder why it takes so long for health & safety prosecutions to get to court.

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107 | Concrete v Timber, Cooler Asphalt and the Trade Gap

22nd June 2022
The concrete rebar lobby has challenged the sustainability credentials of cross laminated timber; asphalt suppliers are switching from hot to warm mix recipes; and the trade gap in construction products and materials has doubled when it was meant to have halved. Bishop & Taylor discuss all this, and a little more besides.