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A fortnightly podcast in which veteran construction industry journalists Bishop and Taylor have a natter about some of the week’s events in the UK construction industry, seeking meaning even where none may exist.

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86 | Rebar, Funding Nukes and CITB (Again)

27th October 2021
Bishop & Taylor have differing attitudes to the use of uncertified reinforcing steel on the HS2 project. They also discuss a change in funding methods for new nuclear power stations and consider proposals from the National Federation of Builders to ‘reconstruct’ the industry’s training board.

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85 | Export Finance, Hand Signals and Hand Shakes

20th October 2021
Bishop & Taylor wonder how much the UK really benefits from foreign contractors building roads in far-off lands. They also discuss the SOS hand signal with which victims of modern slavery can seek help, before straying to the topic of secret handshakes.

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84 | After nmcn, RICS Rules and HS2 Logistics

13th October 2021
After a brief digression into James Bond territory, Bishop & Taylor discuss developments at nmcn since they last spoke, the new rules for chartered surveyors and the production of HS2 tunnel lining segments in Hartlepool.

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83 | Conference Season, The Fall of nmcn, and The Diversity Mentor

6th October 2021
After a bit of politics, Bishop & Taylor discuss the demise this week of a £400m contractor. They are also joined by Ayo Ogunbambi, mentor to Balfour Beatty CEO Leo Quinn.

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82 | State Loans, Restoration Crafts and Smart Flywheels

29th September 2021
In a bumper episode, Bishop & Taylor are joined by building conservation specialist Adrian Attwood of DBR and hear how 2022 will be ‘The Year of the Master Craftsperson’. They also talk fuel efficiency, from F1 to tower cranes, with Punch Flybrid’s Tobias Knichel. But first… views are expressed on UK taxpayer loans to a foreign-owned start-up.

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81 | Shortages, Levelling Up and the Aggregate King

22nd September 2021
Bishop & Taylor discuss materials shortages and spiralling prices, exchange thoughts on the government’s ‘levelling up’ agenda, and look forward to the return of Peter Tom, the Leicester Tigers chairman dubbed the Aggregate King by The Times newspaper.

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80 | Wells Cathedral Restoration, Cabinet Reshuffle and Staging the Grenfell Inquiry

16th September 2021
Bishop & Taylor discuss some of the events of the week, including the cabinet reshuffle. They also talk to theatre director Nicolas Kent, whose Grenfell: Value Engineering – scenes from the Inquiry is coming to a London stage next month. And, first up, Taylor recalls his visit to Wells Cathedral to see conservation work in action.

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79 | The Top 100 and Recollections of 9/11

8th September 2021
Bishop & Taylor discuss the 2021 UK Top 100 Construction Contractors ranking, published this week. They also recall the world-changing event of 20 years ago this week and reporting from Ground Zero.

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78 | Labels, Hospitals and Rishi’s Relief

1st September 2021
On the agenda in this episode is the Wolfson Economic Prize shortlist and the limitations of Rishi Sunak’s apparently generous tax allowance for machinery purchases. But first, Bishop & Taylor are joined by Richard Waterhouse of NBS to discuss product specification, sustainability and marketing.

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77 | National Highways, Selling OIL and Diversity Metrics

25th August 2021
This week Bishop & Taylor discuss Highways England’s re-brand, the sale of Osborne Infrastructure Ltd and an industry programme to devise equality, diversity and inclusion metrics