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A fortnightly podcast in which veteran construction industry journalists Bishop and Taylor have a natter about some of the week’s events in the UK construction industry, seeking meaning even where none may exist.

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66 | HS2, HPC and Leisure Centre Design

9th June 2021
Bishop has had a tour of the HS2 Chilterns Tunnel south portal site, Taylor has been watching TV; they chat about their findings. They also discuss leisure centre design shortcomings. Plus: What not to say in a press release.

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65 | CITB’s Quest for Consensus

2nd June 2021
As the Construction Industry Training Board starts its three-yearly consultation with the industry to ascertain whether there remains consensus for the statutory training levy, CITB policy director Steve Radley tells Bishop & Taylor why we still need it.

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64 | Technical Innovations and Back to the Office

26th May 2021
A trio of technical topics appeal to Bishop & Taylor this week, namely zero trim piling, asbestos recycling and reuse of concrete components. They also return to the familiar topics of flexible working and office life.

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63 | Inflation, PBAs, Concrete Batteries and Urban Planning

19th May 2021
Diversity is in the air this week as Bishop & Taylor discuss inflation, project bank accounts, concrete batteries and a report from Arup titled ‘Queering Public Space’.

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62 | Queen's Speech and Green Gas

12th May 2021
In the week that Her Majesty revealed the government’s legislative programme for the forthcoming parliamentary session, Bishop & Taylor find much to chew over, from planning to political process. They also discuss whether it is possible to choose bio-methane (answer: no) and how estate agents market unloved 60s’ buildings.

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61 | The Joy of Wood, Pensions and Pointless Surveys

5th May 2021
Bishop & Taylor cast an eye on the wonderful world of wood. They also note the inability (or reluctance?) of construction workers to save for their old age, and express disdain for surveys confected to promote vested interests.

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60 | Tunnellers’ Folk Music and the Pitfalls of the Product Marketing Code

28th April 2021
Bishop & Taylor are joined by acclaimed folk musician Nancy Kerr to talk about her latest work, Tunnellers, and by Dr Benoît Jones, the man from the British Tunnelling Society who commissioned the work. But first they talk to Daren Lester, chief executive of SpecifiedBy, and hear that the proposed Code for Construction Product Information might not be a good idea.

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59 | Acquisitions and Other Matters

21st April 2021
Acquisitions have been in the news, with new owners for Avant Homes and Kier Living, while RSK’s ‘buy to grow’ strategy shows no sign of slowing. Bishop & Taylor discuss this and more, including steel imports and the latest on smart motorways.

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58 | Boardroom Diversity, Infrastucture Planning and the Prince’s Trust

14th April 2021
Bishop & Taylor (middle-aged pink-faced men) tentatively discuss boardroom diversity. They also mull possible reform of the National Infrastructure Commission. And they talk to Jonathan Townsend, Chief Executive of the Prince’s Trust.

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57 | The Rudi Klein Interview

7th April 2021
A revelatory discussion with construction law barrister Professor Rudi Klein, who has championed the interests of subcontractors for more than 30 years, with some heroic successes along the way. Among topics covered are the use and abuse of project bank accounts to protect money owed to suppliers.