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Thu December 07 2023

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Finish contractor reaps the benefit of Kocurek treatment

Digger Blogger | 12:00, Wed October 07 2020

Finnish construction contractor Maanrakennus Mykrä Oy has used its Hyundai HX520L fitted a 28-metre bespoke boom to demolish the main building of the Kullaa College of Forestry in Ulvila.

The 52-tonne excavator is the biggest machine in Maanrakennus Mykrä’s fleet and is proving ideal for specialist demolition work, it says. The college building came down –‘without a fight’ – to make way for the construction of a new one.

Sales chief Juha Mykrä says: “25 years after purchasing our first demolition machine, we have bought our first excavator with a high-reach demolition boom.”

He says: “The comprehensively equipped demolition machine brings many welcome changes to the way we work. Previously, we used an ordinary long-boom machine for high-work demolition, and we extended the machine’s reach by ‘piling up slopes’. This procedure is now a thing of the past thanks to the new Hyundai HX520L and its high-reaching demolition equipment. However, the design with its modular boom joint, makes it possible to swap to the traditional Hyundai boom onsite quickly – making it a very versatile machine.”

The Hyundai HX520L’s high-reach boom was supplied by Ipswich-based Kocurek Excavators Ltd, a specialist in machine modifications and bespoke attachments.

Maanrakennus Mykrä specified other modifications to the machine to ensure its versatility, including a Kocurek modified tilting cab that demolition site safe, complete with automatic air conditioning and a heated air seat. The contractor also specified an on-board dust suppression system.

The machine also has an eight-tonne counterweight at the rear with an extendible undercarriage, for added stability.  Hyundai’s 360-degree AAVM (Advanced Around View Monitoring) safety system is also installed, with cameras not only at the rear of the machine but also on the boom. 

A Daemo sorting grapple, DMR800, is also fitted to the machine. The machine’s basic operating weight is 52 tonnes but with all the added extra equipment, it tips the scales at 65 tonnes. The HX520L is powered by a six-cylinder Scania DC13 084A, 12.7-litre, Stage IV engine.

“The new machine has already proved its worth on its first job,” says Juha Mykrä. “We had several demolition jobs in a queue specifically for this model – and we have more in the pipeline. Purchasing this new machine, specifying the extra safety features from Hyundai and the high-reach boom from Kocurek has improved our business capabilities and work capacity.”




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Gigantic Jenga. Tug-o-War with the Mountain. Two Guinness World Records. From Rio de Janeiro to a Chinese mountain side, you’ve seen Cat products and services accomplish some incredible feats. That’s why we are pleased to announce The Cat Trials are back! To watch the teaser trailer, visit


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