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Sat March 02 2024

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January 2021 Features

Must Watch

WATCH: JCB has launched a pothole repair machine based on its Hydradig wheeled excavator.

Meet your digital twin

Artificial intelligence can save hours of leg-work on big projects, as Canary Wharf Contractors has found. Lisa Russell reports

What does the CITB do now?

Just over three years ago the Construction Industry Training Board produced its transformative Vision 2020. With 2021 upon us, what now? Phil Bishop reports

Testing times

When the government decided it needed to set up a network of temporary Covid-19 test centres, it didn’t need to look far to find a willing and able supplier. David Taylor reports

Launched by Zoom: The shape of things to come

At a press conference last month JCB cemented its commitment to a ‘zero-carbon’ future – and in doing so hinted at the future of international conferencing, too. David Taylor logged on

Over to you: Employee ownership

A growing number of medium-sized construction businesses are transferring ownership to their employees via an ‘employee ownership trust’. Why are they doing it, and what are the benefits? Phil Bishop explains

Electric lifters

Electric power is rapidly gaining traction in the realm of small plant, as can be seen from JCB’s latest offering. And now two crane manufacturers have recently unveiled all-electric versions of their heavy-lift machines

House-builders start to struggle

House-building is still the biggest and most profitable sector of the construction industry, but life for the top 20 UK house-builders is getting tougher. David Taylor reports

Paving the way

Bob Howden’s business has been hiding its light under a bushel. Now, as it celebrates its 50th anniversary, Grass Concrete wants a higher profile, writes David Taylor

Locked-down learning

On-the-job training feels rather different over Zoom. Graduate surveyor Elizabeth Taylor shares her personal experience