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Thu May 06 2021

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Atkins forms urban transit partnership

5 Oct 17 Atkins has signed a global agreement with data and analytics company Moovit to work together on transit systems to help create more efficient 'smart' cities.

Moovit gleans information from up to 500 million data points a day on its transit app which is available in more than 1,500 cities in 78 countries and 43 languages.

Together, Atkins’ and Moovit’s services are intended to aid the design and delivery of people’s movement in cities across all transport systems, along with the ability to meet the demands of new intelligent mobility opportunities.

“Leaders of cities are under more pressure than ever to develop easy-to-access transport systems, creative hubs and liveable places for residents and visitors,” said Lee Woodcock, global product director for intelligent mobility at Atkins. “Through the Atkins-Moovit partnership, we will be able to provide real-time, value-driven insights that will allow civic leaders, transport agencies and national governments to discover and explore in more depth the mobility and movement of people throughout their public spaces and on transport networks. These new evidence-based insights can then be used to support financial investment decision making and ensure each city is applying a user centred design approach to future infrastructure.”

Related Information

The services planned include urban mobility analytics, combining multiple aggregated data sources with advanced algorithms assessing movements around a city to support transport modelling and network operations. Also planned are transit surveys through an online system that creates, distributes and analyses transport related surveys in real time with anonymised results to aid understanding of users views on transit operations and proposed changes. ‘Transit data studio’ is a data management capability with a web interface to enable the creation, editing and management public transit information for use in development and deployment of services. The team will also provide ‘mobility as a service’: the ability to provide end to end plans tailored to users’ needs with integrated payment services.

Moovit’s chief revenue officer Josh Wine added: “Moovit believes the future of urban mobility lies in the quality of data provided to cities and municipalities so they can plan and implement smart, efficient transit systems that meet the demands of ever-increasing populations. Moovit was an early pioneer in developing ‘mobility as a service’ and is now ensuring cities around the world have the right transit data and analytics to achieve truly smart city status.”

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