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Sun May 22 2022

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European hyperloop plan moves forward

28 Jun 19 All core elements are now in place for the development of what is aiming to be the first European hyperloop system.

Hardt Hyperloop announced that Europe’s first hyperloop is a step closer to offering an alternative to short-haul flights following completion of a system that includes all elements, including lane-switching technology.

The system is being developed through collaboration between Hardt Hyperloop and its international partners, which includes Tata Steel, Royal BAM Group, Goudsmit Magnetics, Busch, Continental, Prysmian Group and ABB.

Hyperloop is envisioned as a network of low-pressure tubes in which autonomous vehicles glide at high speeds. A combination of magnetic levitation and a low-pressure environment allows express travel with little energy. Various groupings around the world are working on development of the technology.

Hardt Hyperloop said that the Hyperloop Lane Switch (HLS) technology would allow vehicle to change from one lane to another without additional or moving components. This enables the vehicles to retain their high speeds, effortlessly switch routes, and merge in and out of the network, said the company. “After 2 years of research and hard work we are the first in Europe to complete a functional hyperloop system,” said Hardt Hyperloop chief commercial officer Mars Geuze. “Not only that, we have developed a lane-switching mechanism that allows us to build a hyperloop network in the near-future.”

Hardt Hyperloop has also revealed new information about its next phase, creation of the European Hyperloop Centre. The facility, which includes an R&D workshop, is equipped with a 3km track that will allow for the high-speed testing of vehicles.

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