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Sun July 14 2024

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Hercules' vacuum truck fleet grows to 30

11 Apr 23 AIM-listed Hercules Site Services has taken delivery of a batch of 10 suction excavators, expanding its fleet to 30 vehicles.

RSP delivers its new ESE 8 tipping model to Hercules Site Services
RSP delivers its new ESE 8 tipping model to Hercules Site Services

Hercules’ supplier of choice for its vacuum trucks is German manufacturer RSP. The new vehicles include two triple fan excavators, which have the power to dig deeper than other suction excavators, and the premium ESE 8 model with dual tipping.

Brusk Korkmaz, founder and chief executive of Hercules, said: "Suction excavators provide a more efficient and safer way of removing debris for digging teams. When we listed in February 2022, Hercules owned nine suction excavators and the funds raised contributed in part towards a further eleven vehicles, which were ordered in 2021 for delivery by August 2022.

"In April 2022, we took the decision to acquire an additional ten suction excavators, with the intention of expanding our fleet from 20 vehicles by August 2022 to 30 vehicles by March 2023.”

He concluded: "We took the decision to expand our fleet on the back of the high levels of demand we were experiencing, which saw us achieve an average utilisation rate of circa 85%. This continued demand for our services can be partly attributed to the significant industry acclaim we have received for our involvement in implementing the newly developed 'zero-trim' piles method, which uses a vacuum excavator to suck out excess concrete from a concrete pile while still wet."

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