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Thu June 17 2021

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MMT wins seabed survey contract

14 Apr Energinet has awarded MMT a contract to conduct initial seabed surveys beneath the future Energy Island in the North Sea.

image by Danish Energy Agency
image by Danish Energy Agency

The purpose-built, artificial island is set to be the world’s first offshore wind energy hub. Once established, the island will convert and distribute power to several countries. Initially it will produce 3GW of power, increasing to 10GW in the following years. 1GW corresponds to the electricity needs of about a million households.

MMT, an Ocean Infinity company, will conduct pre-construction geophysical and seismic surveys in the 526km2 area from May 2021 to September 2022.

The work will be carried out in four phases. Phase 1 will deliver the geophysical survey including 2D surveys down to 100m below the seabed. Phase 2 will see the deployment of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) to conduct magnetometer surveys to look for unexploded ordnance (UXO). Phase 3 is a 3D ultra high resolution seismic (UHRS) survey of the Energy Island locations, followed by the final phase, a survey and inspection to assist the Danish Navy with the removal of confirmed UXO.

The work will be used to produce a detailed digital map of the seabed and underlying geological layers to allow construction of the artificial island and around 200 offshore wind turbines.

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 “The geophysical studies have to cover a very large area, and it’s important that they meet the time schedule,” said says Poul-Jacob Vilhelmsen, Project Manager for Energinet’s work on the future energy islands in Danish waters. “We are therefore pleased that a very experienced and professional company like MMT will be performing the surveying in the North Sea.”

Per-Olof Sverlinger, CEO of MMT, said: “This project is a big step forward in the world’s transition to renewable energy. MMT and the Ocean Infinity group is committed to contributing to a more sustainable future and as such, is delighted to continue our service delivery to Energinet by playing a significant role in the development of this pioneering energy infrastructure; providing the data needed to ensure an environmentally conscious, successful development.”

Fugro has also been awarded surveying work for the project.

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