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Fri May 07 2021

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Morrison Construction starts work on Highlands distillery

16 Nov 17 Morrison Construction has started works on the Ardross Distillery development in the Averon Valley, 30 miles north of Inverness.

CGI of the new distillery
CGI of the new distillery

The £15m project for Ardross Investments involves the refurbishment and extension of a dilapidated farm complex on a private 50-acre site that includes Loch Dubh.

Once part of Ardross Mains Farm, established in the 19th century, the steading buildings, farm house and cottages will be retained for the distillery. Stone and slate will be salvaged from existing buildings that have collapsed and will be used to rebuild walls and roofs of the development.

Walls at the rear of the main steading will be removed and rebuilt to increase the size of the building for a two-storey still house, tun room, mash house and milling area. This building will surround two large courtyards with parking to the front.

The two cottages to each side of the main steading will become offices and staff accommodation. An old dairy building will become a blending and product development lab. A three-storey house at the rear of the site will become a vaulted cask storage area and marketing suite, the boiler house will also be located at the side of this building.

In early 2018 two large copper stills and other process equipment for the distillery will be transported to site. Ardross Distillery will also house a customised gin distillery with the intention of launching its first product onto the market in late 2018.

This is Morrison Construction’s second distillery project this year, having previously completed a whisky maturation warehouse at Glenmorangie’s Tain distillery.

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