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Sat July 31 2021

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Sisk eyes 22% carbon savings with vegetable fuel

16 Jul John Sisk & Son plans to use hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) as an alternative to gas oil across all new projects in the UK from 1st September 2021.

Sisk says that using HVO could cut its carbon footprint by 22%.

Sisk joins a growing list of contractors – including BAM, Skanska and Lendlease – committing themselves to HVO as an eco-friendlier alternative to diesel and petrol,

Sisk’s adoption of HVO comes after a trial last year on the Northstowe new town project for Homes, near Cambridge. Sisk used 800,000 litres of Green D+ HVO on its operated plant in Northstowe.

Sisk UK chief operating officer Paul Brown said: “This is a major strategic step change, to stop using a fossil fuel that has been at the core of our business, and it will positively impact our carbon performance immediately. Our sustainability roadmap, Building today, Caring for tomorrow, sets ambitious carbon reduction targets for us in our journey to carbon neutrality by 2030 and this is another important milestone on the journey.

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“This agreement will help us hit our carbon reduction targets in our roadmap with a potential saving of 22% once all the company is using this fuel and another 21% when we get our subcontractors on board. We will continue to monitor new technologies and innovation to ensure we are at the forefront of clean and efficient sustainable solutions.”

Sisk has entered a framework agreement with Green Biofuels Ltd to supply Sisk with Green D+ HVO in the UK. It will be used on all new and live projects from September, Sisk says, with the transition involving the deployment of smart tanks that will be monitored to record fuel use.

Green Biofuels says that its Green D+ HVO generates 30% less NOx emissions than regular diesel, 70% less particulate matter, and 90% less CO₂e.

Sisk will look to mandate the use of Green D+ HVO across all its businesses throughout 2021 and 2022, and expand its use through its supply chain. The company is also working on agreeing a similar supply agreement in Ireland and Europe.

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