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Thu December 07 2023

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Work begins on USA’s tallest test tower for lifts

23 Apr 19 Thyssenkrupp has broken ground for a new centre that will be home to the USA’s tallest elevator test tower.

The Innovation & Qualification Center (IQC) in Atlanta is part of a new US headquarters complex for Thyssenkrupp Elevator.

The 420-foot-tall building is due for completion in 2021. It will be the tallest of its kind in the US and one of the tallest in the world.

The 18-shaft tower will be used to test new concepts and product pilots, including high-speed elevators and Twin, thyssenkrupp’s elevator system that features two cabins working independently in one shaft. The IQC will also test Multi, a rope-less and sideways-moving elevator system. In addition, the test tower will conduct tests to ensure compliance with stringent safety requirements on standard elevators.

Thyssenkrupp Elevator’s North American headquarters will be home to more than 900 full-time employees across three facilities, centralising many scattered US sites. Last month, employees started moving into the business headquarters (BHQ) in nearby Pennant Park, and a corporate headquarters (CHQ) will be built adjacent to the IQC. Both the IQC and CHQ will be built on property owned by the Atlanta Braves Development Company.

“Thyssenkrupp Elevator is investing $300 million in the US over a period of 10-15 years, which is the most significant investment from the Thyssenkrupp group,” said Thyssenkrupp Elevator CEO Peter Walker. “We place a high priority on the North American market, and this investment reflects that.”

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