Sat December 05 2020

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A weekly podcast in which veteran construction industry journalists Bishop and Taylor have a natter about some of the week’s events in the UK construction industry, seeking meaning even where none may exist.

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20 | New Deal, CITB and Interserve FM

1st July 2020
Bishop & Taylor discuss the Prime Minister’s Rooseveltian ambitions, the suspension of democratic accountability at the Construction Industry Training Board, and the sale of Interserve Facilities Management to Mitie. Read more on all these topics, and more, at theconstructionindex.co.uk/news


19 | Job Losses, Export Finance, Plastic Problems and Magic Paint

17th June 2020
In this episode Bishop & Taylor discuss industry job losses, how overseas contractors exploit UK state aid, construction’s plastic packaging problem and the remarkable claims of air-purifying paint.


18 | Post-Covid Recovery, Roads Ahead and Shrewsbury Pickets (Conspiracy, My Arse!)

3rd June 2020
Bishop & Taylor discuss the Roadmap to Recovery, the sudden flow of transport projects and the building workers (including TV’s Ricky Tomlinson) jailed nearly 50 years ago, whose convictions the Court of Appeal is now, finally, revisiting. Podcast, my arse!


17 | Restoration of Parliament, When Tiredness Kills & The Joy of Steam

20th May 2020
Bishop & Taylor recap recent events in the UK construction industry, including this week: planned building works in parliament are under review, a company that allowed its workers to drive home tired has been in the dock and an old steam engine has been deployed to great effect on a decommissioning project.


16 | Opportunism, Drones & Batteries

6th May 2020
This week Bishop & Taylor discuss the opportunities that some are finding in the health crisis, the use of drones in construction surveys and battery-powered machinery.

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15 | Scaffolders, Consulting Engineers and Employee Ownership

29th April 2020
In this edition, Bishop and Taylor discuss latest safety stats from the National Access & Scaffolding Confederation, Highways England’s smart motorways alliance and whatever happened to Britain’s consulting engineers? The one’s that aren’t safely in employee ownership, that is...


14 | Furlough, Supplies, Gypsum and Cladding

22nd April 2020
Bishop & Taylor discuss furloughed construction workers, moves to revive the supply chain, recycling gypsum and the stalled cladding replacement programme.


13 | HS2 and Firm Foundations

15th April 2020
Bishop & Taylor briefly discuss the latest news on HS2 before welcoming Steve Hadley to their virtual studio – he’s the Managing Director of Central Piling and the new chair of the Federation of Piling Specialists.


12 | Confusing Signals, Field Hospitals and Augmented Reality

8th April 2020
This week Bishop & Taylor discuss the latest mixed messages from Government on safe site operations, admire the heroic efforts of those getting field hospitals up and running, and have their interest piqued by the use of augmented reality to provide professional supervision to household DIY.


11 | #ShutTheSites, Urgent Works and Memorable Junkets

1st April 2020
This week Bishop & Taylor discuss the continuing controversy about what sites should stay open, and the difficulties facing those that do. They also muse on the days when travel was easier, and press junkets enjoyed.