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Mon May 10 2021

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More winners named in highways challenge

2 Aug 17 Nineteen local authority highway projects have been chosen by the Department for Transport to share in a £75m funding pot.

Local authorities were invited to compete for the money. Winning projects include junction improvements, repairs and resurfacing, flood resilience measures, bridge and viaduct refurbishment, and improved drainage.

This is the second tranche of funding (called 2A) released by the highways maintenance challenge fund. A first tranche was distributed in 2015.

Among the projects to receive funding in the new round is a £4.6m refurbishment of the A589 Greyhound Bridge in Lancashire to remove an HGV weight restriction.

Road users in Devon will benefit from a carriageway and drainage renewal scheme on the dual-carriageway stretch of the A361.

The full list of winners under tranche 2A is:

Authority Project Scheme description Asset type DfT funding (£m) Total cost (£m)
Gateshead Heworth Roundabout Strengthening, re-waterproofing  and traffic signal renewal of A184 / A185 elevated junction. Structure 5 5.5
Northamptonshire A605 Thrapston to County boundary maintenance Major asset renewal/upgrade along 17km of the A605 from Thrapston to County Boundary Maintenance 5 6.2
Staffordshire Burton upon Trent river crossings maintenance Replacing severely distorted bearings on St. Peter?s Bridge. Structure 5 6.1
West Berkshire Maintaining connectivity using lifecycle planning Surface treatment of 11 sections of road, and refurbishment of 7 highway structures. Maintenance 3 5.8
Bristol and Bath&NES A4 and A4174 Strategic routes major maintenance Maintenance and enhancement works along the A4 from Keynsham Bypass, Bath Road, A4174. Maintenance 5 6.4
Lancashire A589 Greyhound Bridge refurbishment Refurbishment of Greyhound Bridge to avoid implementing weight restrictions. Structure 3.7 4.6
Stockport A6 Viaduct waterproofing and repair A new waterpoof slab on the A6 Wellington Road Viaduct. Structure 2.8 3.5
Southend Southend highway flood reduction and resilience Renew and upgrade gullies and drainage networks in three hotspots. Drainage 0.6 0.7
South Glos & Bristol South Glos and Bristol flood resilience Maintenance and flood resilience measures at 10 locations. Drainage 3.4 3.7
Herefordshire Powering the Midlands Engine through the Enterprise zone Maintenance of routes to Herefordshire's Enterprise Zone. Maintenance 5 8
Poole Meeting the challenge in Poole highway maintenance A route management scheme connecting residential, commercial and regeneration sites. Maintenance 2.9 3.5
Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Drought damaged roads Repair of 65.6km of drought damaged fen roads. Maintenance 3.5 6.8
Southampton Millbrook Roundabout major maintenance Replacement of the roundabout's concrete slab sub-base Maintenance 5 8.3
Milton Keynes A509 A422 Willen Road to Olney upgrade Upgrade of the carriageway, drainage improvements and updating vehicle restraint systems. Maintenance 3.9 4.9
Calderdale Highway drainage resilience Replace or repair drainage gullies in flooding hotspots on West Yorkshire's Key Route Network. Drainage 2 2.6
Northumberland Northumberland rural road network maintenance Repair and strengthen key roads underpinning the rural and regional economy. Maintenance 5 6.5
Cornwall Doing highways differently Targeted repair works on 53 sites on the local road network. Maintenance 5 5.5
Devon A361 linking network resilience and economic growth Renewal of A361 North Devon Link, linking the M5, Tiverton and northern Devon. Maintenance 4.3 5
Nottinghamshire A38 and A617 Mansfield Regeneration Route A whole route treatment on the A38 / A617 Mansfield & Ashfield Regeneration Route. Maintenance 5 6

Tranche 1 (2015)

Authority Project Scheme description Asset type DfT funding (£m) Total cost (£m)
East Riding of Yorkshire Council Street Lighting Upgrade Replace all 9,000 street lighting columns in the East Riding that are over 40 years old, upgrade the remaining 19,000 lamps. Lighting 6 15.3
Bradford Metropolitan District Council (Lead Authority)
Kirklees Council
West Yorkshire - Joint Retaining Structures Improve the reliability of retaining wall structures on major traffic routes. Structure 5.2 6.3
Telford & Wrekin Council Telford Town Centre Connectivity Package Upgrade an existing pedestrian footbridge which  provides  essential connections between the station and Telford Town Centre. Structure 10.3 12.3
West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority West Midlands Classified Network Renewal Project (WMCNRP) A six year programme to renew 341 km of the West Midlands classified road network in urgent need of repair. Maintenance 39.9 44.9
Coventry Swanswell Viaduct major maintenance Viaduct repair on A4053 Ring Road, waterproofing and replacing sections of parapet wall. Structure 5.5 5.6
Cornwall Council A39 Trispen Renewal Scheme Asset renewal along the 8 km route removing the need for frequent remedial patching works; improved cycle provision and drainage upgrade. Completed. Maintenance 5.2 6.3
South Gloucestershire Council A4174 Major Maintenance and Enhancement Maintenance of the A4174 Avon Ring Road between the A38 at Filton and the A4 at Hicks Gate. Structure 14 15.5
Plymouth City Council Plymouth Carriageway Improvement Programme An £11 million programme targeting 63% of Plymouth?s strategic highway network on key routes. Maintenance 8.4 11.2
Gloucestershire County Council Gloucestershire County Council - LED Streetlighting £20m LED lighting project, converting all streetlighting to maximise energy saving, CO2 reduction and maintenance savings. Lighting 5 7.6
Bristol and South Gloucestershire (jointly) A403 Major Maintenance Maintenance of the A403 Corridor from Avonmouth Port to the M48 at Aust, to support economic development within Avonmouth and Severnside. Completed. Maintenance 12.6 14
Devon County Council Lighting the road ahead: Street lighting improvements in Devon Replacement street lighting on all  main roads throughout Devon taking advantage of modern innovation in lighting design. Lighting 10.3 13.2
West Berkshire District Council A339 Newbury, Delivering a High Quality Corridor. Improve the long term condition of the A339 which is deemed critical to Newbury's economic and housing growth. Maintenance 5.6 10.7
Brighton & Hove City Council A259 / West Street - Shelter Hall - Highway Structure No BS.5618 Essential reconstruction of a primary highway structure constructed circa 1880 supporting the A259 which carries 36,000 vehicles a day, 30,000 pedestrians a day and the National Cycle Route 2. Maintenance 8.9 10.6
West Berkshire Council LED Street Lighting - Invest to Save Replace approximately 10,850 street lighting lanterns with dimmable LED energy efficient lanterns. This will also include replacing approximately 3,431 columns with new aluminium columns suitable for LED lanterns. Completed. Lighting 5.1 7.2
Slough Borough Council Slough, Reading and Wokingham Street Lighting Upgrade Project Modernisation of street lighting across three boroughs. Installation of 38,651 energy efficient LED lanterns, replacement of 11,323 old lighting columns and install Central Management Systems to improve performance. Lighting 19.3 27.6
Oxfordshire County Council Long term, sustainable Improvements to drainage, carriageway and street lighting infrastructure Improve resilience to water and traffic damage using sustainable techniques. Coordinated with a separate programme of Street lighting column and LED lantern review and replacement. Maintenance 13 14.5
Lancashire County Council (1) Exceptional M65 Motorway Infrastructure Maintenance Exceptional motorway infrastructure maintenance on the M65 between J10-14 involving the replacement of the central steel crash barriers with concrete barriers. Replacement of side crash barriers and upgrading the driver information matrix signs. Maintenance 5.1 6.6
Wigan Council Br.1. Golborne Railway Bridge
Br.2. Morleys Canal Bridge
Upgrades two major bridges including deck re-waterproofing, replacement of bearings, renewing of deck joints and steelwork corrosion protection. Completed. Structure 1 1.3
Lancashire County Council (2) Upgrading of Street Lighting Upgrading 67,000 energy inefficient street lighting lanterns with modern LED equivalents, replacing up to 4,000 lighting columns that have reached the end of their service life and the provision of approximately 150 charging points to encourage a greater uptake of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles. Lighting 14.8 19.8
Wirral Council Wirral Dock Bridges Replacement Replacement of two bridges with improvement for pedestrians and cyclists. An existing steel truss opening bridge replaced with a new box girder bascule bridge. A fixed truss bridge replaced with a new concrete deck bridge. Structure 6.4 7.1
Blackpool Borough Council Blackpool Bridges Repair and reconstruction of ten of Blackpool's strategic bridges. Structure 5.6 11.4
Oldham Council A62 Key Route Network Maintenance Scheme Preventive maintenance on the A62 in Oldham, part of Greater Manchester's Key Route Network, integrating highway surfacing, highways structures and safety schemes to reduce delays. Maintenance 3.2 4
Manchester City Council Planned Maintenance Works to the Key Strategic Network in Manchester. Delivery of planned maintenance works to five key strategic routes to help improve road conditions. Maintenance 6.3 8
Liverpool City Council Great Howard Street Bridge, A565 Replace the existing Great Howard Street bridge as it failed the last structural assessment, ensuring the A565 remains open without a weight limit. Structure 8.5 9.7
Wigan Council Key Route Network Carriageway Rehabilitation Upgrades two major bridges including deck re-waterproofing, replacement of bearings, renewing of deck joints and renewing of steelwork corrosion protection. Completed. Maintenance 2.4 3
Tameside MBC Retaining Walls Maintenance and repair of retaining walls in locations to the east of Manchester. Structure 3 3
Bolton Council A666 major maintenance A666 structural maintenance of highways and parapet strengthening and replacement on St Peters Way. Maintenance 5.8 7.3
Darlington Borough Council Darlington Challenge Fund (1) Strengthening of a key bridge and (2) upgrade of street lighting stock to address structural issues with columns and an upgrade to LED lighting. Maintenance 5.8 7.7
Northumberland County Council Northumberland Masonry Arch Refurbishment Programme To refurbish 130 of the masonry arch bridge stock in Northumberland. Maintenance 5.6 6.7
Newcastle City Council Haddricks Mill including Killingworth Road Maintenance Improvement of an area of highway network that is critical to the growth of Newcastle and its wider area (enabling housing growth and access to employment sites) to improve capacity and connectivity in this area. Maintenance 13.4 18.4
Leicestershire County Council Street Lighting Transformation Project Conversion of all Leicestershire's street lighting to LED lamps (combined with the introduction of a Central Management System) and the de-illumination of traffic signs on bollards. Lighting 5.1 25.1
Bedford Borough Council Bedford Borough:  Street Lighting upgrade Renewal of the entire street lighting asset owned and maintained by Bedford Borough Council. Lighting 5.3 6.4
Norfolk County Council Greater Norwich Area Surface Water Drainage scheme Upgrades key drainage infrastructure, addressing long standing flooding issues across a wide residential area and support economic growth. Drainage 9.1 10.3
Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Southend Street Lighting Upgrade ? Small Project Bid All street lighting lanterns and illuminated street furniture in Southend replaced with LEDs. New Central Management System for controlling the lights. Lighting 5.1 13.5

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