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Thu June 17 2021

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Vögele moves to dash-3

19 Aug 13 Joseph Vögele’s new dash-3 generation of paving machines takes advantage of all the latest technology to minimize emissions and fuel consumption and maximise performance.

Vögele's VF 500 extending screed
Vögele's VF 500 extending screed

The splitter gearbox has an auto idle feature that disengages all hydraulic pumps after the paver has stood stationary for a minute.

The energy-optimised tamper drive uses a variable displacement pump that delivers exactly the amount of oil needed for the current tamper speed, with no wastage. It has a new type of fan drive. The speed of the variable-speed fan automatically adjusts in line with engine load and ambient temperature, as well as the temperature of the oil and cooling water. The fan is driven via a viscous coupling in synch with temperature and engine load.

A new monitoring system called PaveDock Assistant ensures a constant supply of mix from the feed vehicle to the paver to maintain pavement quality. The paver operator can communicate with the driver of the feed vehicle using a pair of signal lights.

PaveDock push-rollers are offered as an optional extra to absorb impact when the feed vehicle docks onto the paver. In combination, these two systems ensure maximum process reliability when transferring the mix, Vögele says. A sensor installed in the sprung push-rollers sends a signal to the PaveDock Assistant whenever a feed vehicle has docked onto the paver. The signal lights automatically display a Stop symbol and the driver of the feed vehicle can react immediately. Thus the PaveDock Assistant and the PaveDock push-rollers combine for a smooth transfer of material without jolts.

The AutoSet Plus feature of the ErgoPlus operating system can be used to memorise settings, so that when the machine is moved from one part of the site to another, it can be put into travel mode. Then, once relocated to the new work area, everything is restored to how it was, so that the paving parameters are identical to before and no settings are lost when changing back and forth between pave and travel modes. It has the added benefit of preventing damage to the augers and deflectors in front of the crawler tracks, the manufacturer points out.

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Specific paving programs can also be stored. Values for tamper and vibrator speed, conveyor and auger speed, height of the auger and pave speed are stored at the push of a button. Once stored, the program can then be retrieved and reused whenever needed.

Also new from Vögele is the VF 500 extending screed for its Vision pavers. It has been designed for multi-variable width applications like car parks with lots of traffic islands and lamp posts or urban streets with obstacles such as utility covers or street furniture.

The speed of extension is variable. Pressing the button on the operator’s ErgoPlus console briefly permits extra precise control, for edging work, for example. Keeping the button pressed down gives more rapid extension or retraction.

A wide range of pavement profiles are possible, Vögele says, and the profile can be set independently of the extensions’ adjustment in height. Slopes of up to 10% are possible and there is no need to readjust the road profile at any time while paving, Vögele says.

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