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Wed June 19 2019

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Construction Features

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We offer a critical look at rail construction workloads – and discover an army of rail enthusiasts who can out-perform the professionals.

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Groundforce holds back the tide at Dover Western Docks; and Central Piling heads north

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Technology is no panacea, but here are three ways in which it can make construction safer

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Investment in specialist attachments has taken a waste company into demolition. Meanwhile a piling firm has launched a dedicated attachments division

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Plant Hire

New plant hire firms find their footing, LED light towers have a bright future and why “diesel is still king”.

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Shifting the earth on England’s biggest road project and standing by for the first HS2 muckshifting packages

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Clever cladding – from Lafarge Holcim’s photo-voltaic concrete to re-roofing Leicester University’s famous engineering building

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Archived stories

Why ‘mega-projects’ fail; see-through wood; building the Met Office’s new super-computer; Crossrail’s fit-out phase – and more

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JCB lifts the lid on top-secret project; why entrepreneurs should keep it in the family; scientists develop seismic bridge solution – and more

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Plant Special

CPA studies ‘unintentional operation’, hirers latch on to attachments and how the hire industry recovered from recession

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